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Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Battle of Albeck - A Polemos GdD AAR

The Battle of Albeck is the next scenario in the Rise of Eagles 1805 scenario book

There is very little detail in the book about the historical event and on the internet, it is merely given as an alternative name for the Battle of Haslach, which took place three days previously.  Regardless, the scenario is simple enough: a French force under General Dupont and an Austrian force under Werneck vie for control of the village of Gottingen.

 The Forces

Imperial French:
C-in-C: Dupont (Capable*)
Artillery: 1 base of Trained 8lb Foot Arty

Crabbe's Bde: 2 bases of Trained SK2 Infantry, 4 bases of Trained SK1 Infantry

Rouvillois' Bde: 1 base of Trained Light Cavalry

Imperial Austro-Hungarian:
C-in-C: Werneck (Plodding)
Artillery: 1 base of Trained 6lb Foot Arty

1st Division: Hohenzollern (Plodding) 
Infantry Bde: 6 bases Trained SK0 Infantry
Cavalry Bde: 2 bases Trained Cuirassiers

Sinzendorf's Bde: 4 bases Trained SK0 Infantry
Sinzendorf's Cavalry: 2 bases Trained Light Cavalry 

*Dupont is quite a divisive figure, taken over the course of his career.  One could argue for the best rating (Decisive) based on some of his battles, the worst (Plodding) based on Baylen! 

The Set-Up:
The Austrians are approaching from the direction of Albeck (top-left) in the West

The French column approaches from the North-East

Gottingen (centre), controlling the junction and the bridge, is the objective for both sides

Another view of Werneck's troops. Hohenzollern's Division is in the van.

Dupont's colum, light infantry to the front, cavalry accompanying

Both sides march hard for the village

The French get there first.  Both sides deploy for battle.  Werneck has managed to get one of his infantry columns in place for a flank attack (centre-top)

The attack is beaten off with loss, as Dupont manages to get his troops into formation and firing just in time

Werneck personally leads his Cuirassiers into a charge against the French Hussars and artillery

The French Hussars are worsted and rout, but the gunners hang on, driving back the Austrian horseman with close-range canister fire

Dupont leads his men in a counter-attack at bayonet point.  The leading battalion is routed (top) and the remainder are shaken...

The Austrians have brought up reserves (left) to try and overwhelm the French...

Dupont leads a second charge and this clears away the entire Austrian infantry regiment!

The cumulative losses lead to the entire Austrian brigade quitting

Which in turn leads to Hohenzollern's entire division recoiling!  The Cuirassiers, who had just overrun the French guns, now withdraw (right)

A closer look.  Werneck's appeals have no effect!

Dupont leads his troops in another attack

And gains a little ground, but the Austrian line is still holding.  Another attack is ordered...

But this time the French are routed by the intensity of the Austrian musketry and cannon fire!

However, Dupon's attack has routed more Austrian infantry (bottom-left) and the game is up...

Victory to the French!  The Austrians stream back towards Albeck...
Game Notes:
A nice, simple game which would make a great introductory scenario for players just getting into this period, since the small forces with their mix of horse, foot and guns provide an interesting challenge whilst going through all elements of the rules.  The interesting quirk in these rules are the chancy formation morale rules, which favoured the French in this game (but might have gone the Austrians way).  Break points are not linear or very predictable.  Tactically, French quality and luck made the difference.  The Austrian cavalry charge was well done, but bad tactics on my part: the French should have left an infantry unit with the guns and moved the cavalry forward to support the main infantry line instead.

Rules used were Polemos General de Division, figures by Baccus 6mm, buildings mainly by Leven.


  1. Albeck and Haslach should not be confused. Albeck's terrain adjoins Elchingen's, with forces on the flank being intercepted at the crossroad.

    Well done on your conversion and play test!

  2. Thanks very much Michael. More games from Rise of Eagles coming soon! How are you getting on with your Peninsular War book?

    Plus, you need to get onto Wikipedia and add the entry for Albeck...