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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Looking For An Opportunity Inside The Problem...

There have been a few real-life changes in my life recently, the two affecting the gaming being that I have a new job and  I have lost the use of the room I used for gaming.  Unfortunately I am now going to struggle to get use the 5' x 5' set-up I have been for lots of my gaming over the last couple of years, including the bigger battles in my Peninsular War campaign.  I can't at the moment think of an alternative location capable of fitting in a table of the same size, so I'm having to do a bit of re-thinking of my gaming, specifically how to gear my games to using a smaller table, probably a maximum of 5' x 3' or so.

Now I have no problem playing smaller games; in many ways they bring at least the equal in enjoyment.  But I think there is a problem when it comes to campaigning.  Although (almost) anything can be done as a one-off, but I think that my normal gaming table will have to cope with the vast majority of the battles played upon it and that becomes a fairly hard maximum of what figures you can put on the table, or you have to make a good workaround about how you scale the forces to fit the table with a reasonable troop density.  The 5' width implies to me a maximum of about 25 'elements' of my 6mm figures which I guess isn't too bad, but the 3' depth will have to be carefully managed.  If I stick with my campaign and using the Polemos rules to fight the battles, then I may start using single 60mm x 30mm bases rather than two butted together to make the recommended 60mm x 60mm brigade base to allow more units in the shallower depth of battlefield. The 'average' area feature generated by the terrain chart should then become 240mm x 120mm rather than 240mm x 240mm as well.  Alternatively, I may just play different types of games whilst this situation exists - more Grant and Asquith scenarios and  Tabletop Teasers perhaps?