Heretical Gaming is my blog about my gaming life, featuring small skirmishes and big battles from many historical periods (and some in the mythic past or the far future too). The focus is on battle reports using a wide variety of rules, with the occasional rules review, book review and odd musing about the gaming and history. Most of the battles use 6mm-sized figures and vehicles, but occasionally 15mm and 28mm figures appear too.

Monday 3 June 2019

Fallow Posting Period

An illness and an upcoming house move have meant that posting has been, and will continue to be for the next few months, a little sparse since tabletop gaming will be pretty sparse too.  I may have the chance to get a bit of painting done - in particular, I am keen to get my 6mm Highlanders finished - and there may be one or two posts on more general gaming matters.  I have played around a bit with Five Leagues From the Borderlands, so there may be a short post on that.  But since my blog is mainly driven by games rather than painting or observing the hobby or the industry, it is likely to be quite quiet until September.  As ever I have big plans though, so hopefully there will be a lot more activity on the blog then.