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Monday 17 December 2018

All the Stuff I Own - Rulebooks, Army Lists, Scenarios etc.

I have been doing a bit of preliminary planning and organizing recently, thinking about my hobby and the stuff I need/want.  To help get things in perspective, I decided the first thing that I needed was to actually go through what I do have.  This list is meant to be exhaustive but won't be: there will certainly be some pdfs I have missed out and there may be the odd book too (my stuff isn't all in one place).   I have put some brief comments in to show my current thinking about each of the items and collections.

Looking broadly, it feels like I have a few too many books and a few too few boardgames for where I want my collection to be - but more on this later.

Books & Rulebooks:

Simulating War (fascinating guide to wargaming and design more generally, with some interesting looking board games inside - need to get my act together to play these)
Wargaming: An Introduction (IMHO the best ever introduction to Wargaming, despite some faults: a new player could pick this up and get some good games going very quickly)
Practical Wargaming (Kindle) (looks very good, well ahead of its time - must play at least a couple of games with these)
Solo Wargaming (Kindle) (some useful ideas)
Wargaming Campaigns (Kindle) (some useful ideas, some not so good; a few are aimed very much at the 'club scene')
Skirmish Wargaming (Kindle) (limited, but good within those limitations)
Complete Wargaming (Kindle) (can't remember this one at all - needs a re-read!)
The Wargaming Compendium (excellent book, contains everything you need to know; should give the battle and the campaign rules a go at some point.  The battle rules look like a refined version of Black Powder - good, but not perfect for a beginner; the campaign rules look very good)
Battlegames Table Top Teasers Vol1 (excellent, love these and use them a fair bit)
Scenarios for All Ages (ditto)
Wargaming on a Budget (Kindle) (mixed; some excellent tips, some less relevant to me; also somewhat aimed at beginners, rather than those on a budget per se; a very DIY ethic; writing a strange mixture of wisdom and clunkers)

WW2 & Modern:
Spearhead (excellent looking rules; struggled to get to table due to lack of workable scenarios to hand, plus not yet sure how to tackle solo play)
WRG 1925-1950 1st (printout) & 2nd editions (1st ed. go to WW2 rules for platoon (+) to battalion (-))
WRG 1950-2000 (look okay, no suitable figures)
WRG Infantry Action 1925-1975(pdf) (played, very good; lacks chrome, adventure and solitaire-friendliness of Nuts! but probably more realistic)
Nuts! Final Edition (pdf) (the rules I wish I had owned at 11, love the adventure, good mechanics, brilliant for solo - not quite as solidly historical as WRG)
Hit the Dirt - WW2 Scenarios for Crossfire (interesting scenarios and very adaptable; some of the terrain is quite difficult)
Megablitz! (looks inspired - lacking scenarios to fit my figures)
Lacquered Coffins (pdf) (great fun and easy to play, although fall somewhere between realistic and arcade style)
Bag the Hun 2 (pdf) (look quite good, but I find destruction of the space-time continuum problematic; needs some work to familiarize)
Tank Battles in Miniature 1-5 (Kindle) (a mixed bag, some inspirational stuff; rules not obviously an improvement on WRG and more complicated)
Chain of Command (inspired design, but haven't found it very good for solo play because too interactive)
Rommel (pdf) (looks good, need to give this one a go)
Troops, Weapons & Tactics (pdf) (same comments as for CoC - love this for F2F play)
The Scottish Corridor (pdf) (love this campaign! done it twice)
Operation Martlet (pdf) (love this campaign! done it twice)
Firefight! (not played for 3 decades...too complicated for me then, perhaps should give it a go)
Bodycount (interesting in lots of ways, but slightly too complicated in some key suitable figures or terrain at present)
Bolt Action (kindle) (not even looked at after read through - inspired pinning mechanic let down by comedy combat)
Combat Command (Kindle) (looks interesting, but need to prepare properly to give game a chance)
Phil Dunn's World at War (Kindle) (advanced Axis & Allies with models and DIY world)

Horse & Musket:
Polemos Ruse de Guerre (pdf) (probably best designed of the Polemos family; lacks crucial detail for Napoleonics but could add it in; waiting for me to get War of 1812 stuff in properly gameable state; some issues with scope it claims for itself)
Paddy Griffith's Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun (great inspiration, rules inspired but not always properly calibrated for actual play)
Horse, Foot & Guns v1.1 (love them, pity there is no battalion-level equivalent from Phil Barker yet)
WRG Wargames Rules 1685-1845(pdf) (loved these as a bairn; should give these another go, but basing and casualty removal an issue)
Neil Thomas' Napoleonic Wargaming (good fun, but quite stereotyped - the rules I should have played when I was starting 30 years ago)
Polemos Napoleonic: General de Division & Marechal d'Empire (love these, despite a couple of issues)
Polemos Napoleonic Companion (useful scenarios)
Shako (interesting, look okay; fail the massed columns test; should give another go)
Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature (Kindle) (battle and campaign rules both too complicated; nostalgia purpose; vaguely think that stripping them down into a really workable set would be an interesting challenge; the non plus ultra of a certain thread of game design)
Wargaming C19 Europe (Kindle) (similar to the rest of the Neil Thomas' stable, but probably my favourite, on its own terms)
Sharpe Practice (good fun, but I lack figures and terrain for the scope of the game)
Blucher (pdf) (looks good, but can't yet see reason to abandon Polemos & HFG for it)
Lasalle (pdf) (looks a very clever design but haven't been ready to sit down and work out the necessary conversions to make it work with my collection yet)
Grande Armee (as Blucher)
Kriegspiel (pdf) (only read for inspiration; should have more of a play around with it)
Black Powder (pdf) (interesting in some ways, but really not my thing - plus I don't think maths works on its own terms)
Stuart Asquith Wargaming C18 rules (Kindle) (can't remember anything about these, should re-read)
Little Wars (pdf?) (should give these an adapted go)
Flintlock & Ramrod (pdf) (felt complicated and fussy for what they are; but more straightforward in concept than Sharpe Practice)
Waterloo (Wargaming in History) (most content of no interest - the summary of the Waterloo campaign is too brief and broad for me -but contains version of the Grant Napoleonic and campaign rules)
The Peninsular War (Wargaming in History) (not sure about these latter two - again the summary of the war is of very limited use, but the rules actually look pretty good and worth a look)

When Empires Clash! (interesting, but no figures.  maybe make a DIY boardgame version?)

Pike & Shot:
Once Upon a Time...In The West Country (looks great fun, but lack terrain and figures)
DBR Army Lists Book 1 (interesting)
DBR Army Lists Book 2
DBR Army Lists Book 3
Polemos ECW (played these lots, enjoyed, a really good stab at TWofTK, a couple of issues identified)
Wargaming Pike & Shot (some interesting scenarios, although in some cases superseded by recent research)
De Bellis Renationis (looks very interesting, but hard to make work with my existing basing; only rules I currently own with a chance of doing the big TYW or Ottoman battles)
Pike & Shotte(pdf) (looks okay, need to re-read)

Ancients & Medieval:
Polemos SPQR (some issues, but seems to give a pretty good game and accurate results)
Lost Battles (very interesting, MUST give this a go)
De Bellis Antiquitatis v3.0 (a great game design, despite some misgivings as to accuracy in some respects)
Lion Rampant (a good fun, but a level more 'heroic' than I am usually interest in)
De Bellis Velitum (pdf) (look pretty good actually, must give these a go)
Hail Caesar (pdf) (similar to the others in the stable)

2-Hour Dungeon Crawl (pdf) (really good fun, should play more - another 'distilled essence' game)
Hordes of the Things 2nd Edition (pdf) (need to try these out)
Dragon Rampant (as Lion Rampant, but more so)

Frostgrave (clever design, but too D&D for me...)

Kings of War (pdf) (looked okay, should give a proper try out to)

Role-Playing Games:
Maelstrom (good, interesting; some mechanical flaws)
MERP (1st edition) (love this, keep meaning to make the changes to the scenarios to make this work properly)
WFRP (1st edition) (great fun, love it! keep meaning to do my own de-bugged version with background changes)
Twilight 2000 (pdf) (interesting ideas, with some severe mechanical flaws, won't play it without adaptation)
Shadowrun (pdf) (as T:2000; actually prefer the PC games)
Death of a Dragon (pdf) (interesting adventure hooks)
Recon (pdf) (okay, but pointless...rather play an actual wargame)

Board Games (with at least some relation to wargaming or RPGs):

Achtung! Spitfire (good, clever design, but really straddles the line of acceptable complexity and book-keeping for me)
Tomb for an Empire (interesting treatment, enjoy it, but some flaws in design)
Labyrinth (really enjoyed the couple of plays I have had)
Churchill's War (ditto)
Heroquest (plus some bits of the expansions) (love it, so do the kids; bed-blocking 2-Hour Dungeon Crawl)
Space Hulk (excellent game; kids like it)
Conan (all painted, not yet played. boo.  need to get to table)
Hour of Glory (great fun, but too complicated for bairns)
The King's War (really good design, a couple of minor areas of over-complexity or confusion)
Caesar's Gallic War (good design, really enjoyed the games so far)
Field of Glory (card game) (limited, but good within those limits)
A Touch of Evil (failed in attempts to get to the table!)
Middle Earth LCG (good design, but fundamentally a limited form for me: I prefer actual RPGs)

Figure Collections:

6mm Napoleonic (French, Bavarian, Italian, Neapolitan, Confederation of the Rhine, Josefine Spanish, British, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch-Belgian, Russian, Prussian, Austrian, Swedish, US)
6mm WW2 (British, German, US)
6mm Ancients (Roman, Celtic)
6mm Early Medieval (Anglo-Danish, Viking, Norman, Arab)
6mm Wars of the Roses (Yorkist, Lancastrian)
6mm War of the Three Kingdoms (Royalist, Parliamentarian, Covenanter)
6mm SF (some odds & ends only)

Looking forward to finishing off the 6mm WotTK stuff with Highlanders and Irish.  I would like some 6mm WW2 Russians too, plus some US vehicles.  Undecided whether to do more of the minors, plus Middle & Far East.  Would need some more terrain for the latter.  I like adding Napoleonic elements just for the joy of doing it!  More French infantry & Allies (including Wurttembergers, Poles, Italian Cavalry), more Russian and Swedish artillery are all on the cards.

15mm WW2 (British, German, US, Partisans)

Maybe some 15mm WW2 Russians & French.  Middle & Far East are possibilities here too. 15mm Vietnam/1960s-70s stuff also calling me...

28mm Napoleonic (British, French, Austrian)
28mm SF (some odds & ends of WH40K figures - Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Orks, Eldar)
28mm Wars of the Roses / Late Medieval European
28mm Medieval Arabs
28mm Fantasy (various adventurers, elves, goblins, etc.)

Not sure whether to develop more skirmish forces in 28mm.  Sharpe Practice & Once Upon a Time in the West Country might be better in 15mm, since I have more terrain in those scales...

1/600 WW2 Aircraft (British, Germans)

Expansion a possibility.

1/4800 Napoleonic Naval (British, French, Spanish) 

Need rules and scenarios! 

Terrain: Reasonably happy, although Hexon terrain continues to call out to me.  I like buying and making terrain and I foresee a determined effort to improve the look of my table in 2020. 


  1. That's a lot of work to inventory a collection. I occasionally get around to doing parts of it......but it tends to get outdated.

    1. It didn't take that long really, maybe an hour. Of course, there are bound to be a few bits and pieces that I have left out - pdfs particularly. If I get round to it, I will do the armies in more detail, which will take a bit of time.
      I'm hoping that having it all laid out will make it easier to see where the orphan rules and figures are, with the aim being to have all my stuff in a playable state.

  2. Any suggestions how to get a copy of Flintlock & Ramrod? I had my own copy downloaded from an old Yahoo group, but my printout is missing in action.

    1. Sure, e-mail me at j*w*h071**k (deleting asterisks).