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Thursday 13 December 2018

WSS 99 - Dunkirk! part two

The Dunkirk scenario in the most recent Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine suggests the basis for a second scenario, using basically the same set-up (details of the first scenario here).  This time, the RAF Spitfire patrol must help defend a destroyed from another Luftwaffe attack, so in this scenario, I used the destroyer HMS Basilisk (which was sunk at Dunkirk in real life).

The British:

HMS Basilisk, destroyer with 2x40mm AA guns
The remaining Spitfires from the first scenario, with ammunition levels as at the end of the previous game (in my game, two Spitfires remained, each with five seconds of .303 ammunition).  The wingman is now a Regular-Hero.  Aircraft start off in tight formation at 2000ft.

The Germans:

As in the first scenario:
1 x Ju88 at 1000ft, armed as desired.
2 x Bf109E (leader is Regular-Ace, wingman is a Regular)


One more with feeling: the Ju88 to the left, Bf109Es in flexible formation to the right.

The two remaining Spitfires in close formation pass by HMS Basilisk.

A wider shot, Germans (top) heading towards the destroyer and Spitfires (bottom)

The Bf109s and Spitfires about to looks like the Spitfires are going to concentrate on the bomber

The Spitfires get in close and cause some minor damage to the Ju88, whilst a few rounds go through the fuselage of Spitfire 01...

The Ju88 presses on, despite the white smoking pouring from the left-hand engine after a near miss from the destroyers AA guns.  The fighters break trying to reset for another pass (Germans - left; Brits - right).  The Spitfires do a hard break left, the 109s are turning in the vertical...

The Spitfires approach the Ju88 from the 4o'clock position just while the Ju88 prepares to attack the destroyer...

The 109s are a bound behind the Spitfires... (bottom-left)

The Spitfires close in on the rear of the Ju88, killing the rear gunner and then, crucially, destroy the bomb release mechanism before the German bomber can attack!!!!  It fell into the see a few moments later, and the Spitfires then used their speed and angle to evade the 109s and escape.
Game Notes: Another neat and finally balanced scenario (the reduced Spitfire firepower is well balanced by the extra AA from the destroyer) that works well with the detailed Achtung! Spitfire rules.  It is quite a good scenario for gently introducing how naval AA works.

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