Heretical Gaming is my blog about my gaming life, featuring small skirmishes and big battles from many historical periods (and some in the mythic past or the far future too). The focus is on battle reports using a wide variety of rules, with the occasional rules review, book review and odd musing about the gaming and history. Most of the battles use 6mm-sized figures and vehicles, but occasionally 15mm and 28mm figures appear too.

Neil Thomas-style OHW-Format Scenario

Feeling quite inspired by the simplicity but effectiveness of the Neil Thomas style of scenario design, particularly in his books One Hour Wargames and Wargaming the Nineteenth Century, I have been experimenting in developing my own scenarios in this style. This was my first attempt, inspired by a very old scenario for Rowton Heath (which I have actually played before fuller versions, using Polemos: ECW and Neil Thomas' own: Wargaming An Introduction rules).

I skinned this for my 'semi-historical' Franco-Jacobite and Hanoverian WSS forces; in this one the Franco-Jacobites are defending, the Hanoverians will move onto the board on Turn One.

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