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Thursday 13 December 2018

ECW Campaign: May 1644

The English Civil War: May 1644

Bristol and Basing both sent deputations to re-affirm their loyalty to Parliament, God and Freedom.

Bedford moved north and took Winchester. Prince Rupert moved to Oxford, Browne threw up the siege and retired on Reading then Newbury, Essex having failed to intercept Prince Rupert en route.  Essex himself concentrated on training his troops.
King Charles moved to Melton Mowbray, whilst Manchester kept ahead of the King and moved to Bedford, having failed to intercept the King in Lincolnshire. Fairfax moved to Newark in the wake of the King's march south and successfully assaulted it.
Maurice moved to Shrewsbury, whilst Brereton remained in Chester, training his forces.

 The North:

The Royalists:
Newcastle at Corbridge with 9000 Foot, 4500 Horse
2000 Foot at Carlisle
1000 Foot at York
The Parliamentarians:
1000 Foot & 750 Horse at Hull
1000 Foot at Preston 

The Midlands: 

The Royalists:
King Charles at Melton Mowbray with 7000 Foot & 4500 Horse
Prince Maurice at Shrewbury with 5000 Foot & 2250 Horse
1000 Foot at Nottingham
1000 Foot at Worcester
The Parliamentarians:
Brereton at Chester with 2000 Foot & 3750 Horse
Fairfax at Newark with 1000 Foot & 750 Horse

The South:

The Royalists:
Prince Rupert at Oxford with 6000 Foot & 3000 Horse
1000 Foot at Gloucester
The Parliamentarians:
 Manchester at Bedford with 9000 Foot & 3000 Horse
Bedford at Winchester with 5000 Foot & 1500 Horse
Masset at Bristol with 1000 Foot
Essex at Newbury with 9000 Foot & 5250 Horse
1000 Foot at London

Game Notes:
It feels like the Royalists have the upper hand, but the army totals are actually still quite close:
Royalist Army: 33,000 Foot; 14,250 Horse
Parliamentary Army: 30,000 Foot; 15,000 Horse
There is maybe a slight advantage in experience to the Royalists too, but it is just that: slight.  So the task is for the Parliamentary cause not to despair, but instead work out how to regain the initiative.  What has happened with the destruction of the Covenanter Army then is to eliminate the possibility of a relatively easy, relatively early win for Parliament.  Victory now will come by the patient accruing of small advantages - or a massive stroke of luck!

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