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Sunday 8 September 2019

Portable Air Wargame - Low Altitude Dogfight (Mission Two)

Low Altitude Dogfight (Mission Two):
I had a second go at the Low Altitude Dogfight mission,  with the only change being the extra damage re-roll for crack shots - in this case, PO Al Deere.

The Set-Up:
Same set-up as before

The Combat:
Again, PO Deere moves in against the 109 leader on his port side...

This time PO Deere makes no mistake and the 109 leader is down...

PO Allen this time avoids the head-on pass against the 109s and goes to join up with PO Deere

The 109s move in to contact the Spitfires

PO Deere goes straight in in a head-on pass

...and is followed by PO Allen

A pair of 109s start breaking left (left) to try and get in behind Allen

Both Deere's Spitfire and the 109 take a little damage from each other...

A 109 takes on a high deflection shot against Deere, but misses

Who is then engaged by PO Allen and damaged..

The 109s decide to break off at this point.  Since there was no chance of catching them, the Spitfires made for home too.
Game Notes: More quick, sharp fun.  I am pretty happy where this has ended up, so my intent is to now play some more games to let the rules bed down for a bit and test out a wider variety of aircraft.  The combination of the speed of play with the relative fidelity of the model should allow some proper "campaigns in a day" to re-create some squadron-sized engagements.


  1. Fascinating to read these recent posts on your tweaks to Bob's rules. They all seem sensible and certainly give a fun and fast game.

    1. Thanks Steve. As you say, the task here is to tweak without losing the fun or the speed.