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Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Bottom of the Lead Mountain and Plastic Pile

I am in that quite unusual position for a gamer...I am just about finished all my painting!  I only have a few items left to paint:

There are a couple of 1/100 Zvezda WW2 vehicle kits to complete and paint (I have a couple more somewhere).  They are only £2.99 in my local model shops and the kits are very simple, but still nice.  They are ideal for completing my 15mm WW2 skirmish forces.  The bigger buildings are 6mm Commission Figurines, namely the Belle Alliance and Le Haye Sainte models.  The other ones are from Leven Miniatures, mainly from the Viking, Medieval and Normandy ranges IIRC. 

I am quite happy with this, as I had intended to be more or less finished by September this year.

So, what next?  First up will be some of the Commission Figurines 6mm Napoleonic Prussians.  I will use them to fill in the gaps in my Prussian Army until Baccus re-do their range to the same standards as the newer Napoleonic ranges.  Secondly, when they are released, I will add to my Baccus 6mm ECW forces ready to refight the whole war, plus all of the major battles as individual games.


  1. My head just exploded. Well done sir. Was there a lot of cutting down the mountain via selling/trades/etc or mostly a painting operation?

  2. A mixture, but mainly painting. The main thing that I got rid of in recent years were a fair bit of 1/72 plastic stuff. I had fallen into the classic trap of having 15mm, 1/72 and 28mm all at the same time. Other things were small projects which I had tried (e.g. 15mm fantasy) and decided I didn't like in that size.

  3. I have been working of Project Lead Mountain since 2012. You do realise that if you complete everything the rumour is that your will then probably die? I have a large stash of 6mm WW2 hidden away along with my 1/3000th Naval and 15mm Napoleonics as back up once my Ancients are all done!

  4. Yes, I have heard the rumours too - I will make sure I keep at least a few bits of unpainted lead in my bits' box to ward off any approaching evil...
    To be fair, although I had meant to get "more or less" finished, actually getting this close to finishing was a bit of an accident. I'll be getting some more stuff soon!