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Friday 20 March 2020

One from the Archive - A Franco-Spanish Clash

Whilst sorting out the hard drive, I stumbled on these pictures of a battle from 10 years ago...

I honestly can't remember if this wa a historical refight or not.  It looks maybe it was historical, but  I can't remember which one...Valls, maybe, or Espinosa?   Anyway it is definitely Napoleonic French against Spanish.  Some of the same French troops were probably in action yesterday in the Sacile refight, although they have been rebased at least once since this.

I have mainly put these up to remind myself that my gaming set-up has come on a bit in the last decade, although to be fair, chalk on green board did have its advantages.  I know I had better terrain than this at the time for at least some games, so I am guessing this was a scenario test.  I think it was a game of Polemos General de Division, guessing from the set-up and the shaken markers.


  1. I actually really like the chalk 'terrain' on the green board. This has given me an idea for using something similar for our Bloody Big battles games.

    1. Well it is quick and flexible, I suppose! I can still remember the first games I played which used this technique: they were used for Vietnam games using the old 'Bodycount' rules and kind of suited the variety of terrain. You also get used to thinking in terms of 'areas' of jungle rather than individual trees and so on. Plus, the thing it is really great for is dealing with complicated relief, which is very hard to do any other way.