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Monday, 16 March 2020

Polemos SPQR: Gallic War Battle 5

The last in this series of campaign "warm-up" battles features a Gauls against Gauls clash.  The background to this battle is that one of the Gallic territories has revolted in favour of the Romans, with an immediate counter-revolt splitting the local tribe and leading to an internal conflict.  Broadly speaking, the experienced warriors have (perhaps surprisingly) broken in favour of the pro-Roman faction - the influence of Roman diplomacy and gold is suspected - but the majority of the tribesmen have gone against them.

The Scenario:

The 'Rebels': 3 bases of Trained/Elite Cavalry, 8 bases of Trained Tribal Foot, 2 bases of Raw Skirmishers

The 'Loyalists': 7 bases of Trained/Elite Cavalry, 16 bases of Raw Tribal Foot, 4 bases of Raw Skirmishers

The rebels, led by a respected veteran warrior, have occupied a small settlement near modern-day Calais which is located near one of the tribes' sacred sites.  The larger but shakier loyalist force has come to kill, capture or disperse the rebels and end this pro-Roman rebellion.

The Set-Up:
The main body of the rebels

A wider view: the loyalist contingents approach from the bottom

A few rebel elements positioned in the marshes and guarding the bridge to distract and divert the loyalists

Another view, looking at one of the loyalist contingents

And the other loyalist contingent

The Battle:
The loyalists skirmish with the rebels in the marshes, whilst a group of loyalists move towards the bridge to force it

Another group of loyalists move forwards towards the settlement.

The loyalists make some progress at the bridge

The main body of the loyalists charge home...

...and the battle is well and truly joined, as some of the rebels (centre) fall to the loyalist charge

Fierce fighting continues around the bridge, with neither side giving ground or quarter!

The rebels swing around their cavalry, taking a great risk, but hoping that they can do some severe damage really quickly...

Some of the rebel tribal warriors are pushed back (centre), but many of the leading loyalists fall under the swords of the rebel cavalry...(left)

The loyalists make a little ground around the bridge, but fierce hand-to-hand combat continues

...and gradually the rebels are worn down and pushed back...

More of the loyalist warriors fall to the swords of the rebel cavalry (centre), but the loyalist cavalry arrive to try and turn the tide (bottom-centre and left)

The wider position around the settlement: the charge of the loyalist cavalry has routed some of the rebels, and they have become demoralized...

The loyalists have now cleared the river (Centre) as well as breaking into the settlement (left); the rebels fled at this point
Game Notes: Something a bit different - I don't think I have fought a Gaul against Gaul action before.  It is an interesting element within the campaign engine (Caesar's Gallic War) that allows for the possibility of several Gaul vs Gaul and/or Gaul vs German scenarios, as well as battles against the Romans.  It was quite close, especially with the successes of the rebel cavalry charge, but the loyalists were able to make their numbers tell successfully using quite narrow and deep formations.  Apart from that, a pretty straightforwardly fun game of Polemos: SPQR unsing Baccus 6mm figures.

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