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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Hobby Update 28th April 2020

Hobby Update:

A little update on the 'hobby' side of my gaming hobby: I am working on a separate one dealing with some thoughts about rules, scenarios, campaigns, projects and so on.  This is just to record what I have been working on recently:

Additional Celtic command figures (for my Gallic forces for my Gallic War refight)
Some armed Celtic women and non-combatants (to use as DBA denizens / horde troops for the Gallic War refight)
Some mounted Arquebusiers and sword-and-buckler men to expand my options for c.1500 battles.
Some additional Thirty Years' War officers and musicians (for extra standard-bearers for identification purposes, for refighting more TYW scenarios and starting my refight of the TYW).
Some Transylvanian light cavalry (as above)
Extra Napoleonic Russian Grenadiers and Jaegers, for refighting Borodino and so on; a refight of the 1805 campaign is also on the cards.
Extra Napoleonic Bavarian infantry and some Wurttemberg infantry, for use in 1809, 1812 and 1813 scenarios; doing La Souffel at some point is also a possibility.
Some buildings for 1809(and 1805)  scenarios to create a more "Austrian" feel.
Some sample troops from Irregular Miniatures for the Vietnam War.
There is probably some other stuff I have forgotten...

Gallic commanders

Amazons, painted as Celtic women with spears

With the Gauls/Celts based: just in the initial stages are many, many Thirty Years' War officers, ensigns and drummers

and some more Celtic villagers (left)

To the left, some more late C15 pikemen (Baccus); to the right, various mounted Crossbowmen and Arquebusiers (Irregular Miniatures)

A closer view of the pikemen

My 6mm WW2 collection was in a state and really needed some sorting out - Germans at the back, British at the front

A bit of a closer look - many, many Tiger IIs!

Then on the right, the stuff that actually gets onto the table...

With the infantry on too: it looks a lot, but what is more scary is that I think I have nearly as many WW2 British infantry in 15mm...project planning, you say?

Another view of those Pikemen

and those mounted arquebusiers - there are some 6mm Irregular miniatures for Vietanm on the right (more-or-less passing that "paint up well" test)

Those Transylvanian Irregular Horse are at the back

The timecast Aspern-Essling granary, with an Austrian farm behind it

A mini-Stonehenge I made with one of my bairns for a school project: I tried to make it nice enough so I can use it for some Fantasy games!
I just love the flags of the Thirty Years' War and even though I can use my WotTK armies as proxies for the TYW, I wanted the extra standards just for flavour and colour (and it does help me to remember what is proxying what!): French, Swedish and Protestant Union here...

And more here: Imperialist, Spanish, Saxon...

And en masse.  I  still have some Danish flags to go, I just need some more counters to use as bases

More Confederation of the Rhine troops: a few more Bavarians (right) plus my first Wurttembergers (left)

And Wurttemberg light troops

More Russian Grenadiers and Guard Infantry
 What's Next?
There isn't a great deal left in the 6mm lead pile.  There are some Brigade Models' 6mm Polish SF to base up (and very lovely figures they are too!); I have some 6mm WW2 of various types to re-base, and some will need re-painting - this is slightly on ice, since I can't decide exactly how to do this.  I am not sure whether to put all the infantry on 30mm x 10-15mm bases (i.e. WRG basing) and leave the vehicles unbased or to base all the H&R and similar stuff on bases for use in Spearhead and similar, whilst I keep the Baccus and GHQ stuff for WRG.  I have maybe four bases worth of Napoleonic French in bearskins that are going to be made into converged Grenadier and Carabinier bases.  And that's it I think, everything else (not much) is genuinely just spares.  So after these bits and pieces, I'll move onto 15mm: I have four platoons and four vehicles to do: Italians and Eighth Army for the Desert, and Soviet Motor Rifles and Australians for Cold War gone hot/Twilight 2000.  And then,I am into random odds-and-sods of 28mm figures...
I will see if I can get these done in the next fortnight or so.  I do want to make some more terrain for all my collections, especially the 28mm stuff.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff on the go you have! As for the number of Tiger II's, what can I say;)

    1. I don't even remember how I got them...most of my WW2 collection has been built up from eBay, so it is a bit more random and confused than my other collections. Still, if I ever want to do a full Tiger II battalion attack in the Bulge, I can do it...

  2. You have so many great looking collections. Nice stuff!

    1. Praise from the praiseworthy is beyond all reward - many thanks!

      But making passable collections in 6mm is a lot quicker and easier than doing it in the larger sizes (that and limited table space are probably the main reason I tend to use 6mm for most of my 'battle' collections).