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Monday, 27 April 2020

6mm Figure Prices - Vietnam

I have been toying with the idea of doing Vietnam in 6mm for quite a while now.  Whilst still mainly at the research stage (although I do have a few from the Irregular Miniatures' range to test out those famous "they paint up really well" claims...I will try and rustle up a photo of my efforts later on!), I thought I would do a price comparison.  The vast majority of my 6mm troops are from Baccus, but I don't imagine that Baccus will be doing Vietnam at any time soon, so I need an alternative supplier.  The three alternatives I know of are Heroics & Ros, Irregular and GHQ.

I think the most appropriate code in the Heroics range is MO1.  The price here is £4 for c.50 figures i.e. 8p/fig (there are no photos at all - grrr).

Heroics and Ros vehicles cost £0.65 each (I am using M113s as the example vehicle in all cases)

Irregular's figures are priced at £0.88 for 9 figures. i.e. 9.7p/fig.

 Irregular's vehicles are priced at £0.88 per vehicle.

GHQ (normally supplied in the UK by Magister Militum and Wargames Emporium) are priced at £11.95 for c.60 figures i.e. 19.9p/fig.
For vehicles, the prices if £11.95 for 6 i.e. £1.99/vehicle.

Magister Militum also have the Mainforce range, which includes figures for Vietnam.  Most of these figures are in the prone position appropriate for firing and taking cover rather than the moving / standing firing poses most common in the other ranges.  Infantry figures work out at between 13p and 15p per figure.

The Heroics and Ros and Irregular figures and models are broadly comparable in price with H&R a small notch cheaper, whereas the GHQ stuff is noticebaly more expensive - Irregular prices already include UK P&P though, which might make the difference (at the time of writing it was too difficult to do example P&P costs). Most of the ranges seem pretty similar in coverage, although I think that Irregular probably has the widest choice of infantry, Heroics and Ros maybe have the edge in vehicles and equipment.  Obviously everyone will have their own views on which figures and vehicles they like best but I thought that this may be of some interest to any 6mm gamers looking at getting into this period.

(n.b. all photos are links from the manufacturers' or retailers' sites)


  1. GHQ vehicles are lovely, but they often come in packs of 5, so not great if you only need a few vehicles. The new H&R sculpts are meant to be much better than their 'old' range, but it's a while since I've seen them. From experience once at arms length, you can't tell the difference with the figures, with basing coming into it's own, especially with prone figures.

    1. I think I would agree with that. I have a few 'new' H&R models and they are nice. As you say, at normal gaming difference you can't tell so much wiht the figures, although you do notice if you give them a closer look.