Heretical Gaming is my blog about my gaming life, featuring small skirmishes and big battles from many historical periods (and some in the mythic past or the far future too). The focus is on battle reports using a wide variety of rules, with the occasional rules review, book review and odd musing about the gaming and history. Most of the battles use 6mm-sized figures and vehicles, but occasionally 15mm and 28mm figures appear too.

Sunday 3 January 2021

A Quarter of a Million Hits: Very Many Thanks

 In the last few days, this blog received its quarter of a millionth view.  I really appreciate it, I never expected anything like it when I began.

Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by to look and read over the last few years, and extra thanks to those who have left a comment.

Over the years, reviews and first playthroughs have generally been the most popular posts.  The most popular have included:

A first look at The Portable Napoleonic Wargame

A review of Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames

 A review of Neil Thomas' Wargaming: An Introduction

 A detailed playthrough of Polemos General de Division

A first look at The Twilight of Divine Right

A review of Martin Thomas' Threat Generation System

Other popular posts have been:

The Joy of Six 2018 Show Report

The AAR of The 1549 Prayer Book  Rebellion Mini-Campaign

Most of the battle reports form a kind of 'second division' underneath the reviews, although there are far more of them.  I guess this is because reviews are more universally useful to the average gamer, and taking an interest in the specifics of someone else's game is slightly more niche.  That said, I always try to include some bits of 'review' about the rules I play in all the battle reports, so if there are readers interested in the reviews but not the games, I would suggest that they skip to the 'Game Notes' section I include in practically all of the battle reports.  But regardless, I hope to get lots more reviews and battle reports onto the blog in 2021.

I am always up for taking suggestions as to format and content.  I appreciate all the suggestions I get and will get round to doing most of them at some point, although it sometimes takes a while to find (cheap) copies of older stuff.

And many thanks, again, to all the readers who have stopped by, I hope you found something of interest in the past and you will find more of interest in the future.


  1. I enjoy your posts John and especially the AARs of your games. Rules reviews are nice and useful too. Keep up the good work in 2021!

    1. Many thanks Steve, I really appreciate the encouragement.

  2. Thanks for the very entertaining content, AARs, Reviews or just general musings. Love the emphasis on wargaming as gaming rather than painting and modelling.
    Here's to the next nine years!

    1. Thanks Guy. As you say, this blog is all about the gaming and that's where it will stay. I tip my hat to the fine painters and modellers out there, but that has never been my focus.

  3. Congratulations on the 250,000 hits! Here's to another 250,000! As I said on another post, I enjoy reading your log posts so keep going!