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Wednesday 13 January 2021

6mm WW2 Polish Infantry & Vehicles: Overview

I was vaguely thinking of getting a small force of WW2 Poles in 6mm for a few scenarios I want to try.  A scoot round the internet found the following suppliers in the UK:


Infantry: 11p/fig

Cavalry: 22p/fig (I think)

TK3 Tankette: 44p/model

7TP Light Tank: 88p/model

Early war lorry: 88p/model

(French) 75mm gun and crew: 88p/model & crew

A fairly limited range, lacking mortars and so on, but enough there for a basic force.

2.    HEROICS & ROS:

No infantry

Tanks (7TP, Vickers E): 65p/model

TKS/TK3 Tankettes: 50p/model

Armoured Cars & Half Tracks: 65p/model

Armoured Train (Engine + 5 Cars): £12.00.

AA Guns, Artillery & Tractors: 65p/model

Trucks & Cars: 65p/model

Aircraft: £1.25-£1.50/model

Very good range of vehicles and kit, but no infantry.  You could always use French at a push.

3.    GHQ (through Magister Militum, or for some items Wargames Emporium): ;

Cavalry: 40p/fig.

Infantry: 20p/fig.

Vehicles: £2.40/model (in packs of 5)

Artillery & AT Guns: £2.00/model (in packs of 2 guns (towed), 2 guns (deployed) and 2 tractors)

Comprehensive, lovely-looking and premium (luxury?!?) price, as is typical of GHQ!


Infantry 6p/model.

Cavalry 15p/model.

Vehicles: 65p/model.

Not a bad selection of vehicles, very lacking in artillery and anti-tank guns.  Not sure what you could use instead…maybe a mix of French and Japanese stuff?


SKYTREX did a range I think, but not sure if you can still get these. Ditto C&C miniatures.


  1. Well it looks like you would need to pick and choose from a variety of manufacturers to get a nice Polish force, unless you want to pay GHQ prices! Luckily for me Pendraken have produced a pretty comprehensive range, which I have and one of my aims this year is to finish a small force for BKCII.

    1. Yes, you are right; someone commented on TMP that H&R may release some Polish infantry, post-Covid, which would help if you wanted to get things from a single manufacturer.

      Pendraken seem a really prolific company - is there anything that they don't do?

  2. Scotia and H&R mix very easily. Most of my 6mm WW2 stuff is H&R with extras from Scotia.

  3. CinC is available from Legions IV Hire now. They only have two versions of the TP7 and a TKS, and the pricing has gone up considerably, more in line with GHQ.

    Thanks for sharing the info in your post.

    1. Thanks for that irishserb. I imagine that will make them prohibitively expensive for UK buyers, unless someone already has an army they wish to expand a little.

  4. Heroics and Ros now offer a full range of Polish infantry, like most of their new stuff it looks pretty good!

    1. Agreed, had a look and they do look pretty good.