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Saturday 3 October 2020

Hobby Update 2nd October 2020

 Hobby Update:

I haven't done a lot of painting recently, but I have bought and painted a few Soviet infantry and T34s from the 2d6 Wargaming range.  They are very nice models, somewhere in the middle of the Heroics & Ros - Baccus - GHQ style triangle.   As ever, my painting doesn't quite do them justice, but hopefully you get the idea - these are at the stage before the final wash.  Along with the riflemen, machine gunners and SMG-armed troops, I have some Commissars and flag-bearers, some female snipers, a couple of anti-tank rifle teams, and some command and mortar teams (male and female).  I am hoping that they do some more codes in the range, I am looking forward to fielding a few more in due course.

T34s & Soviet infantry

The infantry

SMG-armed infantry

LMG teams


Mortars, signallers, nurses


  1. Very nice! If I were to game in 6mm, 2D6 miniatures would get my moeny everytime as they are so nicely sculpted. It's hard to believe they are in fact 6mm!

    1. They are very nice indeed, I was impressed.

  2. Good job by 2D6, a new name to me and very interesting.

    1. Yes, always happy to see quality 6mm models.