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Sunday 28 June 2020

Per Broden's Charity Project: Lund 1676

These are my contribution for Per Broden's 6mm Charity Project - all the details are here.  I was happy to get involved, it seemed like a great idea, especially as the overall commitment wasn't too big.

As usual for Baccus, the figures are lovely, very easy to paint up.  I didn't do it under timed conditions, but I reckon they took about 50 minutes overall, as a maximum.  I am a fairly poor painter really, but it is quite easy to get at least an acceptable appearance from these figures at game table ranges.


  1. They look great and will be superb once based with the others. A fine project, good on you!

    1. Many thanks James. A couple of people have done very nice paint jobs, I am looking forward to seeing them all based and formed up as an army.