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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Hobby Update 30th June 2020

Still no games, but I am hoping to get one set up this evening.  I have pretty much finished my last batch of scheduled painting though: a few more figures and vehicles for my initial Cold War Gone Hot / Twilight 2000 set-up:

Some 15mm Modern US Infantry from Peter Pig, and some female militawomen from the same

More female militawomen

A UAZ-469, a Mercedes and a Toyota 4x4

And the whole lot together
I liked all the figures, in particular the modern US infantry, which are very nice sculpts.  I was quite pleased with how the camouflage pattern turned out.  For the militiawomen, I painted a third in US camouflage pattern, a third in Soviet uniforms and a third in random military/outdoor type colours, all of which should be useful for Twilight 2000-type stuff.  I just need to finish off the basing and then the cupboard is bare again (almost, anyway). 

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