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Saturday, 11 March 2017

The English Civil War - The Refight!

Over the last week, I have begin my long-awaited refight of the English Civil War.  This title, rather than the more typical modern name of The War of the Three Kingdoms, is chosen advisedly since this campaign will, in some ways regrettably, focus on the fighting in England and Wales.  This is because this is the focus of the board game I am using as the engine for my campaign: Charles Vasey's The King's War, published by Clash of Arms Games.

I am still working on how I am going to display the movements of the campaign: the board from the game itself isn't really suitable, and there is no vassal module.  I found this nice map:

But I haven't worked out yet how to display the forces and movements prettily and clearly.  So until I manage it, I will just give text updates of the dispositions and movements.

I will use the Polemos ECW rules published by Baccus 6mm for the tactical actions.

One point to bear in mind is that I am  very much expecting there to be ling periods of hiatus in this campaign.  This is partly because real-life will intervene this year but also because, although I have fair-sized ECW armies, I don't think they will cope with the really big clashes of Newbury / Marston Moor size.  However, I am putting off buying new figures until Baccus release their new ECW sculpts.


The  King's Army:

Newcastle: 2000 Foot
York: 750 Horse
Newark: 1000 Foot
Nottingham: King Charles I with 2250 Horse, 4000 Foot
Oxford: Byron with 750 Horse
Portsmouth: Goring with a small garrison
Bridgewater: Hopton with 750 Horse, 2000 Foot
Shrewsbury: 1500 Horse, 5000 Foot
Prseton: Derby with 1000 Foot

Parliament's Army:

Hull: 1000 Foot
Airedale:  Fernando Fairfax with 750 Horse, 1000 Foot
Northampton: Essex with 3750 Horse, 10000 Foot
London: 1000 Foot
Portsmouth: Waller with 750 Horse, 2000 Foot (besieging Porsmouth)
Wells: Bedford with 750 Horse, 4000 Foot
Bristol: 1000 Foot

n.b. I haven't included subordinate commanders, for the sake of clarity.

August 1642:
King Charles moved from Nottingham to Shrewsbury, detaching Prince Maurice to head North and seize Selby and Prince Rupert to seize Nantwich.  Hopton concentrated on training his force.  Fairfax seized Airedale, whilst Essex and Bedford concentrated on training their recruits.  Waller made good progress in the siege of Portsmouth.


  1. I have pondered using The King's War for exactly this purpose. Never made it beyond that! Looking forward to following your exploits.

  2. Thanks very much Jonathan, I have high hopes that this will work quite well.

  3. Your other problem is that very large chunks of the Civil Wars were fought in Ireland and Scotland. That map isn't going to cut the mustard for Montrose.

    1. Yes, that map reflects the board game being used as the campaign engine. It (disappointingly) treats Scotland and Ireland in an abstract way only.

      If there is a good, detailed, suitable game based on the full War of the Three Kingdoms I'd be delighted to look at it.

  4. It may be too late for you, but there is a Cyberboard module for The King's War -

    The map's a bit garish for my taste, but perefctly useable, I imagine.


  5. Paul, thanks very much for pointing me towards that, I will have a look tomorrow.