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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

TooFatLardies' Pint-Size Campaign Op Martlet Battle 2: 'Pushing On'

The second mission of the TooFatLardies' Op Martlet campaign is 'Pushing On'.  It takes place immediately after the first battle and again takes place in the fog.  My strategy was to use the fog to push on aggressively, using the cover to mask movements and surprise any German defenders.

Again I used the WRG 1925-1950 rules along with the solitaire "Threat Generation System" published in Miniature Wargames 373 magazines.  Figures and vehicles are mainly GHQ with a smattering of Adler and H&R. The buildings are from Total Battle Miniatures.

The battlefield.  The British are to advance left-to-right.

Another shot of the terrain

The British advance through the fog

Different angle

A small group of Germans pop up in the middle of the advance and four Tommies fall.  The Germans are soon eliminated however.

A Panzer IV appears out of nowhere on the British right, ineffective machine-gun fire breaks the silence
The German squad about to be assaulted and defeated

A shot from behind the panzer before it headed off back into the fog

The initial resistance cleared, the British infantry advances

The British leading elements encounter a PAK 40 hidden amongst the buildings

British infantry advancing along three axes...

The PzIV re-appears forcing the British infantry to scatter.  British infantry in the copse at the top engage another small group of German infantry whilst others prepare to assault the anti-tank gun

Same situation, different angle

The german infantry and anti-tank gun are disposed of and the PzIV, unwisely remaining in the fight, is knocked out by a PIAT team.

The end of the battle
 Game Notes: Another enjoyable and tense engagement although the German resistance was a little disjointed here and the wrong random 'picks' came up: it would have been a much harder mission if more German infantry had been selected. I decided to take a little break after this battle to rebase  the infantry on smaller bases and remove the vehicles' basing in order for them to nestle in the terrain.  The troops are based for Spearhead but it is ages since I have played the game as I have never identified a really convincing way to play it solitaire.

Casualties: British - 6 infantry; Germans - 1 PzIVH, 1 Pak40, 8 infantry, 5 crewmen


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