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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Peninsular War Campaign - end of January 1809

My goodness, has it really been a year?  In my youthful innocence, reading the Lord of the Rings, I couldn't believe that he had left the story at the tomb of Balin for over a year.  What were these other interests and duties which could have possibly stopped this writer at such an exciting moment?  Well, I am in my late 30s now and I totally understand what he meant...

Anyway, I am back in the saddle now!

The month began with Catalan somatenes seizing Rosas in a surprise attack on the Neapolitan garrison.  Cuesta's Army of the Centre advanced northwest of Barcelona and defeated Chabran's division around Hostalrich.  Chabran the withdrew towards Gerona whilst Cuesta reinforced the garrison (of Hostalrich) and then withdrew back towards Barcelona, which he then blockaded.  Luckily for the French however, the obstinate garrison of Gerona finally succumbed to hunger and sickness and surrendered at the end of the month.

In the main theatre,  the ImperialI, III, V, VI and Army HQ pursued Wellington towards Salamanca then southwards towards the border crossing.  Wellington and Castanos inflicted a serious reverse on three of the pursuing corps at the Battle of Bejar and the French pursued at a more respectful distance thereafter.

But the most brilliant operation of the month was carried out by General Junot, who rapidly marched towards Tudela and Saragossa then carried out a force march to surprise Palacio's Army of Catalonia around Belchite.  Many casualties were suffered on the way but Junot's boldness was rewarded with a crushing victory and the SpanishArmy of Catalonia has retired on Caspe, with barely a division's worth of troops remaining.

To the Northwest, Soult brought up Caffarelli's Division to reinforce his efforts in the continuing siege of Astorga.  Mahy has withdrawn completely from the vicinity of Leon and Castile and has instead withdrawn towards Vigo to recruit and train.  Only divine intervention can save the garrison of Astorga from succumbing...

It was interesting to re-read my notes so I could construct this.  I think that I remember where the campaign was and my notes look accurate...we shall see!  I'm looking forward to driving this project forward a little over the holidays.


  1. Goody! Looking forward to reading more on your campaign. Is this the vassal map?

  2. Yes, this is the vassal map for Tomb for an Empire and the this is a shot from the actual file I'm using.