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Thursday 8 February 2024

Planning My Next Campaign

Over the last couple of days, I have been planning my next campaign. It isn't actually a response to the latest chat about campaigns, but the timing is happened to coincide! This campaign was published back in Miniature Wargames 31 and was written by George Gush (of WRG Renaissance fame, inter alia). It is worth quoting part of his introduction, I think:

That is a very pretty cover!

One often seems to read general advice and ideas abou campaigns, but less often the nitty gritty regarding rules. map and so fonh - so I have tried to provide a practical package, giving everything necessary for running a short, simple campaign.

I definitely think we have moved on somewhat since then, and perhaps more campaigns are played now than then, but it is also still true that campaigns are more written about and contemplated than played.

In any event, I have been re-doing the map so I can record stuff more easily digitally, and I have done a bit of tinkering to make it more suitable for the tactical rules (the original was based around WRG 1685-1845). It is no great example of the cartographer's art, but hopefully it is clear and serviceable enough. I am hoping to get this kicked off in the next day or two...

Apologies to Italian people looking at this map: most of the locations look just about within the grounds of 'close-enough for a toy soldier game' map (admittedly written by someone who has never been to Italy), but Garessio looks badly out of place even by those standards...; also, for good and sufficient reasons, the first hex in Row A is A2...



  1. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Last night I was reading an old WS&S magazine with some linked Arnhem scenarios, that I think I can easily convert into some small BKCII ones, saving me the effort of sorting out the maps etc.

    1. I am looking forward to it too. And a bit nervous, I haven't done anything like this before. But it will be interesting at least, I hope. And I hope that my two players enjoy themselves, or at least find it interesting, and don't get too much of that guinea-pig feeling...

  2. Thanks for running this (Austrian Player).

  3. Replies
    1. Well, unless this is a total disaster (and maybe even then...) I have more planned for the rest of the year...