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Monday 4 May 2020

Gallic War Battle 1 Redux

Gallic War Battle 1 Redux

I re-loaded the scenario to have another go. I honestly can't quite remember why...perhaps it was to check out how it would have gone if I changed the German tactics.

Anyway, the forces are the same as for the first battle.

The Set-Up:
Once again, the Germans approach from the bottom, the Mandubii defend the two hills with their main forces blocking the approach to the village; the Mandubii have their cavalry in the rear (top)

German warriors and youths facing the Gallic javelinmen

The Germans (bottom-right) clashing spear against sword...

To try and scare the Mandubii warriors defending the high ground on the way to the settlement.

The Mandubii horsemen in reserve
The Battle:

This time the Germans launch a direct attack, with plenty of ferocity if without much subtelty!

A slightly wider view

The Germans get stuck in to the skirmishers on the far hill

The Germans have made a little progress in the centre, but are pushed back elsewhere.

A wider view

The to-and-fro continues

And again!

The Mandubii on their extreme left (right) seem to be gaining the advantage over the Germans

The Germans in the centre have pushed up and beyond the brow of the hill (centre)

But that central mass is being slowly outflanked on both flanks by the advancing Gallic warriors

The German chieftain decides to redouble his efforts in the centre to try and break the Gallic line before he is encircled (centre)

A final push by the Germans restores the situation on the flanks somewhat

The Gallic javelinmen only give ground slowly in the face of the advancing Germans in the woods

A reversal of fortune in the main attack: the Germans have pushed back the Gauls on the flanks, but the Germans are being pushed back up the hill in the centre!

In an unexpected move, the Mandubii horse with their Chieftain in the lead (i.e. boldly advancing behind his bodyguards) move forwards against the German warriors away on the left!

The mass melee on the hill continues

The Mandubiii chieftain in this game proves just as effective as in the last one: the German warriors stand firm, and the Mandubii leader has to rally back in the rear (centre)

Fighting in their native woods, the Gallic youths get the better of the experienced German warriors who are destroyed!

But the Gallic centre on the hill is crumbling fast now...

However, the Germans have just taken to many losses around the hill, and they give up the battle!
Game Notes:
Only a couple of notes this time: the game itself was fun but I don't think that the tactical changes helped the Germans too much.  So the only option seems to be to give the Germans some kind of additional bonus to make their greater campaign effectiveness relative to the Gauls work.  What I am perhaps working towards is +1 for combats for one troop type: so the Germans will probably pick +1 for their Warbands, the Romans +1 for their Blades.
Figures by Baccus 6mm, buildings by Timecast.


  1. I read you first Gallic battle and was going to comment about the lack of troop differentiation but then re-read this one and you propose a solution. I must admit I am not fond of DBA as it doesn't obviously differentiate high grade troops from poor troops. Yes, there are ways around it. However, I do like DBM and have enjoyed games of DBM100 (for 2'x2' table) in the past. In fact, I am thinking I could play DBM100 and strip some of the finicky combat modifiers and it may be a smoother game. I may even give it a go. I do admire DBA and particulary DBM(well at least v1 and V2 which i played) but the purist focus of effect-outcomes is just a little too much for me.

    1. Yes, agreed, the lack of much scope to include troop quality above using Hordes is always a problem, although not easily soluble within the element effect-outcomes and opposed D6 combat roll system.