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Friday 20 December 2019

Europe in Agony

A little while ago, I asked the collective wisdom of The Wargames Website for a recommendation for a boardgame that would be suitable as a campaign engine for re-fighting The Thirty Years War.  After some consideration, I went for the Thirty Years War: Europe in Agony.  It seems to tick all the boxes I wanted:

Comprehensive (I wanted to do the early and late stuff, not just the Swedes tear the others to pieces - I am quite interested in the adventures of Frederick and Christian)
Easy to convert between tabletop and campaign map
Has a VASSAL module (experience from previous campaigns has convinced me that this is much the easiest way to keep records and blog it)

I haven't played a full game yet but I have played a few turns and it seems very suitable. 

I still have some preparations to make.  Not least, I want to paint up some command stands for each of the armies so I can get each factions glorious flags out onto the table!  Most of the troops will just be my ECW figures, but it won't quite feel right if I have too many St. George's crosses on display...but I am not too far off, so after a few more scenario games using Twilight of Divine Right to get back in the swing of the period, I should be ready to get going.  I need to paint up a few Eastern European cavalry types too.  After that, then I will play a full game or two just as a boardgame to bottom out my understanding of the rules.  So, very hopeful this will get started in 2020...


  1. Nice idea to use a board game map for the campaign and strategic movement etc. A period I've always fancied gaming, but frankly have too much other stuff on the go/1

    1. Thanks Steve. I think I first the read the suggestion in a magazine article a few decades back but practical experience has taught me that it is one of the best ways of doing campaigning, especially for the bigger campaigns.

    2. I quite agree. My WW3 campaign is run using SPIs "BAOR" and I rely heavily on Victory Games "Hells Highway" for a lot of my Arnhem games, especially as it has a 1.25km grid.