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Wednesday 22 November 2017

10 x 10 Challenge: An Update

Some of this blog's readers may remember I decided to attempt Boardgamegeek's 10x10 challenge i.e. to play 10 games 10 times each in the calendar year of 2017.  With just under 6 weeks to go, this is how I am looking (list here):

DBA - completed
Polemos: Napoleonics - completed
Polemos: ECW - completed

WRG 1925-1950: 2 plays left to go
Lone Wolf Gamebooks: 2 plays left to go
Nuts! Final Version: 3 plays left to go
Wargaming: An Introduction: 4 plays left to go
Heroquest: 7 plays left to go
Polemos SPQR: 8 plays left to go (this seems wrong, I think I am missing a game or two here)
either Discworld: Ankh-Morpork  or CSI: 10 plays left to go(eek!)

So I am behind schedule, but I still think this is just within reach.  There are 39 days left to go and 36 games left to play however, so I will really have to get some good gaming in.  Thankfully December should be relatively free for at least giving it a strong go.

Whether I succeed or fail, I will write a summing up blogpost at the turn of the New Year.  And then I will be looking forward to re-starting some things which have ended up being put on pause for quite a while, including 3 campaigns! - although one of these could still be tackled using the rules in the challenge.  So wish me luck...


  1. On percentage wise, you are doing better than me. You are also doing well sticking to the games and the number of games. My hat off to you and here hoping you get there! I am with you though - looking forward to re-starting some stuff i put on hold to do the challenge.

  2. Thanks very much Shaun. One thing I am looking forward to on completion is treating myself to buying and playing that Fall of Rome boardgame, if I can find a copy!

  3. I hope you do find a copy. It is a good solo game and I think it captures the historical flavour quite well.