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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Space Hulk - Introductory Missions

Over the last couple of days, we have been having a play of the first couple of missions of the classic Games Workshop game Space Hulk.  I don't have any particularly fascinating insights, except to say that the game really is good: the rules are easy to learn and intuitive to play, the scenarios balanced to give really tense games.  The children could grasp most of the rules pretty easily, so they could concentrate (with a little assistance) on the tactics:


A very close game this one: the Marine with Flamer just getting into the control room to blow it up before the Genestealers got him...

blip...blip...blip...they are all around us!!

blip...blip...blip...massing just out of sight...

Interlocking arcs, the standard defence tactic in Space Hulk

Why we love Space Hulk: can the Marine Sergeant kill enough of the Genestealers to win the game before he is overwhelmed...

He did in fact manage it: the 30th Genestealer did go down before they got to him!!!


  1. I played this so much with a friend when it first came out. It was his game though and he moved on after a few years. It is definitely a great game to play with children!

  2. I played this a lot with a friend too as a child - as you say, a great game for the younger player. I bought a copy for myself and enjoyed it for years, then it disappeared sometime in my early 20s. I recently found a copy on the bring-and-buy at the Hammerhead Show for a very reasonable price, I as absolutely delighted.