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Friday 26 December 2014

Peninsular War Campaign - end of December 1808

As a result of space issues, I've transferred the campaign game onto VASSAL until such time as I can set-up the game free from juvenile and feline interference!  So, the actual game map of the current campaign situation (asat 31 Dec 1808):

Hopefully this illustrates the main areas of action well:

The main French army pursuing the Anglo-Spanish forces as they retreat from their positions east of Salamanca around the Duoro towards the Southwest.

The advance of Soult to Astorga and the retreat of his opponent, Mahy, into the mountains of Northwest Spain.

The efforts of St-Cyr to reduce the remaining Spanish garrisons in Catalonia, whilst threatened by small Spanish forces advancing up the coast from their bases in Tarragona and Tortosa.

All of the units are on the map, but I'm still working out the best way of showing some of the game markers (especially depots) at the moment.  However, this isn't enough of a problem to actually stop me playing, so I'm looking forward to resuming play in the very near future.


  1. Looks pretty sharp. I don't suppose you'd be so fortunate that Vassal can spit out the unit strengths/roster/data for you automatically?

  2. It can do some of it, but not all. Of course, the formation data needs a little translating from the campaign data for use with the tactical rules, so I'd be doing a little bit of work anyway. I've started playing the January 1809 turn through on VASSAL without any major dramas so far. The most annoying thing at the momemnt is that I can't used the devastated area counters and the depot counters properly. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it is an issue with the VASSAL module. I've raised the issue on the VASSAL forum but if there is any kind person out there with knowledge of the game reading this, perhaps they could have a look?