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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review of Meeples & Miniatures Episode 2

In Meeples & Miniatures Episode 2,Neil reviews the Hammerhead Show 07. He gives a few brief comments about shows work in the UK and the differences between the UK and the USA in this regard, and then explains why Hammerhead goes against the grain of UK shows.

The main part of the show is some comments on figure ranges that caught Neil's eye, in particular Flashing Blade's 40mm Greeks, Graven Images 40mm Skeletons and the Storm of Steel WWW2 Robots from North Star.

Neil finishes by giving some comments on the show as a whole, and how much his son enjoyed the day.

The show is fine but unless you are particularly interested in 40mm figures or the Hammerhead Show there isn't much reason to re-visit it.

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