Heretical Gaming is my blog about my gaming life, featuring small skirmishes and big battles from many historical periods (and some in the mythic past or the far future too). The focus is on battle reports using a wide variety of rules, with the occasional rules review, book review and odd musing about the gaming and history. Most of the battles use 6mm-sized figures and vehicles, but occasionally 15mm and 28mm figures appear too.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Another Attempt At Blogging

This is my third attempt at creating a gaming blog - hopefully it will be more successful than the last two! What I hope to put on here are reviews of games, rules and figures; some of my thoughts on wargaming and gaming; some of the scenarios I have written; and perhaps some reports on any battles I have managed to get played.

What will probably not feature here is pictures of beautifully painted figures on lovely terrain, as I have no such figures and terrain, no tips to pass on about how to creaate such things and perhaps, in the end, a lack of real interest in such things. I've never been sure that wargaming should be mainly about military modelling...

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