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Friday 10 March 2023

Hobby Update 10 Mar 23

Not much gaming recently - much to my chagrin! - and not enough hobby time either, but I have made some little bits of progress:

Some Baccus 6mm British Armour

Churchill AVRE


and more Stuarts!

And some Scotia stuff I think (or maybe H&R - they are so compatible, I lose track!)? Polish car, trucks and 1/2-tracked artillery tractors

And some 15mm vehicles of various types and in various states of done! A 1930s-40s Renault, a Land Rover, a Vickers VIb, a mini and another Land Rover. Manufacturers...the Renault and the Vickers might be QRF, I think.  Land Rovers and Mini by one or more of the 15mm 3D printing companies.

There are some more bits and pieces which I haven't got around to photographing yet but hopefully will do later today or over the weekend. 



  1. Splendid! Can't wait to see that late war British armor on the table; is it Normandy or Market Garden? Please? ;)


    1. Well, they are coming up, but there are a couple of other things that are due up before them, and will hopefully be of interest...

  2. My gaming and painting can be a bit stop/start, so any progress whatever it may be is always welcome. These days I try to paint for an hour a day, maybe more if I'm lucky, but I find an hour long chunk is enough for my shaky arm and concentration. This way it doesn't become a chore.

    1. An hour a day is a very respectable achievement; when things are going well, I try and make sure I get in 30 minutes a day, although that has been breached far more often than observed, recently!