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Friday 11 February 2022

6mm WW2 Vehicle Prices in the UK

As part of researching a couple of new projects, I have ended up comparing some prices for different 6mm / 1:285 WW2 vehicles and artillery.  In case this would be useful to others, I have listed the prices below.  These prices are for the 'basic' vehicles: some vehicles from GHQ and Baccus look a bit cheaper in their bigger packs.  I make no comment about the relative aesthetic merits of each manufacturer, but I will note that GHQ and Baccus are definitely larger than the others for all the vehicles I am aware of. 
GHQ (from Magister Militum): 
£.2.59/vehicle (in packs of 5 vehicles for £12.95)
for artillery: £2.16/item, where an item is a tow vehicle, a limbered artillery piece and a deployed artillery piece, so each pack has 2 of each.

£1.33/vehicle (in packs of 3 vehicles for £4)
£1/gun for artillery (in packs of 4 guns for £4)

£0.75/vehicle (available individually; £0.65 for some smaller vehicles, £0.85 for some larger ones)
£0.75/artillery piece (available individually, £0.45 for limbers; there may be an odd more expensive piece)

£0.88/vehicle, larger artillery (available individually)
£0.44/small vehicle, smaller artillery (available individually)
Irregular miniatures prices include P&P.
£0.75/vehicle (available individually)
£0.65/smaller vehicle; artillery (available individually)
£0.77/vehicle (available individually)
£1.00/gun  (available individually)
£1.20/vehicle (available individually); £1.10 in platoon or company packs - I don't think there is any artillery as yet
I did 6mm Infantry prices last September, which were as follows ( I have amended the Baccus numbers to reflect its recent price rise):

Rapier Miniatures (Ancients, Medievals, ACW, Fantasy):
24 Infantry, 10 Cavalry £1.50 GBP
6.25p/Inf Fig, 15p/Cav Fig

Baccus Miniatures (Comprehensive):
96 Infantry £8.00 GBP (£6.67); 45 Cavalry £9.25 GBP (£7.71)
8.3p/Inf Fig, 20.6p/Cav Fig

Irregular Miniatures (Very Comprehensive):
6 Infantry £0.44 GBP; 5 Cavalry £0.88 GBP
7.33p/Inf Fig, 17.6p/Cav Fig (a bit more for C20 and C21 ranges WW2 11p/Inf Fig, 22p/Cav Fig)

Heroics & Ros (Comprehensive):
50 Infantry £4.50 GBP; 21 Cavalry £4.50 GBP
9p/Inf Fig, 21.4p/Cav Fig

GHQ (WW2 & Modern):
60 Infantry £11.95 GBP; 30 Cavalry £11.95 GBP/£12.95
19.9p/Inf Fig, 39.8p/Cav Fig

Mainforce (WW2 & Modern):
4 Infantry £0.50 GBP
12.5p/Inf Fig

Scotia (C20):
50 Infantry £3.00 GBP; 20 Cavalry £3.00 GBP
6p/Inf Fig, 15p/Cav Fig

Brigade (SF):
24 Infantry £2.25 GBP
9.375p/Inf Fig

Vanguard (SF):
40 Infantry £8 GBP, 36 Cavalry £13 GBP (Microworld 40 Inf £6.50 GBP)
20p/Inf Fig, 36.1p/Cav Fig

Adler (WW2, Horse & Musket):
4 Infantry £0.32 GBP 2 Cavalry £0.35 GBP 32 Infantry or 8 Cavalry £2.75 GBP (not sure if this last figure is correct, seems pricey…it is the listed price for AWI cavalry. Most cavalry is at the lower price)
8-8.6p/Inf Fig, 17.5-34p/Cav Fig

Perfect Six (Fantasy):
16-20p per foot figure

2d6 Wargaming (Dark Ages, Feudal Japan, WW2):
48 Infantry £5.40 GBP 4 Infantry £0.50 GBP
11.25-12.5p/Inf Fig

Boki (Napoleonic French Line Inf only)
3 Infantry (0.20 Euro)
5.66p/Inf Fig

Grumbler Miniatures (Napoleonic, ACW)
96 Infantry £8.50 GBP, 30 Cavalry £6 GBP
8.85p/Inf Fig, 20p/Cav Fig

CP Models (SF)


  1. Interesting variances. These days, sculpting has hugely improved, so I don't know whether GHQ are still the 'stellar premium' sculpts, but back in the day when I collected, they both vastly superior and were beyond my pocket, made worse by the fact of having to buy packs of 5, when my style of gaming generally only needs around 3 of any particular model at any one particular time.

    In that regard, I am guessing that the new Baccus WWII would probably be a good fit for me.

    I love that Heroics & Ros are still going, as they were my teenage 'real armies' affordable buys.

    Compatibility (in terms of height / figure bulk / basing) still seems to be a thing between ranges at this scale, so I guess you need a couple of favourite manufacturers and then stick with them.

    1. GHQ are the most detailed of the sculpts still AFAIK. I think it is an open question whether they are 'too' detailed (as in the detail is disproportionate to the scale of the model) but that is a question that could be asked of many models in many scales and would certainly help detailed paint-jobs. GHQ prices are much less premium in the US, AFAIK.
      I am generally not over-bothered personally about height incompatible stuff, but if it is an issue for an individual gamer, you are right: you are going to have to pick between the 'bigger ones' (GHQ, Baccus, Adler for the infantry and crews) or the 'smaller ones' (the others).

  2. A ‘no holds’ barred review would be nice. It is years (decades) since I bought any 6mm WW II but my recollection is:
    GHQ. Small, detailed, but fragile.
    H & R: Good enough. Probably ‘the standard’.
    Scotia/Grendel. Disappointing but not terrible. I do wonder if I was expecting too much.
    Irregular. Horrible. Did they feed metal to Guinea pigs and collect the droppings?
    GZG: Nice.
    More recently I have bought some from Brigade and thought they were rather good.
    SJG plastic Ogre miniatures. They look like the old metal miniatures and thus the designs from the original game. It is awesome to have them in plastic.

    1. Well if I get around to it I might do a quick show and tell of bits and pieces from each of the manufacturers that I have stuff from.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I like them too: my WW2 Soviets are from 2D6. No artillery yet though! On the other hand, the 2D6 French Foreign Legion range is very appealing...

  4. Interesting, and thanks' for posting it. I was contemplating getting a couple for 'What a Tanker'. No idea if the rules suit 6mm figures as I don't have a copy.

    1. You are very welcome Khusru. I haven't played What a Tanker either, but nothing I have heard indicates that it wouldn't work. I tend to suspect almost anything involving WW2 tanks will work better in 6mm, just because of the scale issues involved.

  5. 2D6 seem as good as GHQ but possibly with less exaggeration in the detail. They are both 1:285.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have any vehicles I can do direct comparisons of my 2d6 stuff with yet...I will post them up if I do.

  6. Thanks for this information; very helpful. I have always liked H&R very much but their current website is terrible. They need to sort this out as there are too few pictures and what there are are not that good.

    1. You are very welcome, glad it was useful. It was useful to me too, in considering thew relative VfM for infantry heavy forces versus vehicle heavy forces.