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Monday, 20 July 2020

Hobby Update 19th July 2020

I have just finished off another group for my 15mm Twilight 2000 / Cold War project.  This time, it is a platoon of US infantry and an M113.

The M113 next to a previously painted LAV-25 (for colour matching)

US late Cold War infantry

And some more

With the basing stuff added

And more
I was reasonably pleased how these turned out.  Nice figures, easy to paint up.  They also match the Peter Pig guys I did last time.  I think the only thing I would like to add are some figures advancing with M60, and some troops with M21s to act as snipers.

I am not sure what I am going to do next, whether it will be more 15mm Cold War (British? German?), 15mm WW2 (Africa Korps?  Japanese?  or some 6mm WW2 stuff (given Baccus is closed for the moment, maybe some Russians from 2d6 Wargaming? Or some Polish from Irregular, or GHQ)? I don't really have anything very much to paint in the meantime...some from my pile of random 28mm stuff, perhaps.

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