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Sunday 27 May 2018

Short Update Post

Just a short update to detail what I have been up to over the last couple of weeks and what I plan to get up to in the next little while.

My ECW campaign is continuing, with more battles (and battle reports) due soon.  I am hoping to reach December 1643 in the next couple of weeks.  At that point, there will be a planned hiatus for a few months as I paint up a Scottish Covenanter army, ready for its march into England.  I think I will have a bit more time for gaming and painting over the next 9 months or so, so I am hoping to pick up some other gaming threads.  Amongst these are returning to some WW2 small-scale actions, the Martinstaadt campaign, revisiting Polemos: Ruse de Guerre and another selection of old magazine scenarios.  I am going to try and do a few more rules reviews too of some older sets, or ones otherwise out of the public eye.

Painting-wise, I am currently finishing off the bits'n'bobs at the bottom of my model box.  This includes making up a War of 1812 United States Army from some spare Napoleonic-era figures (mainly British, but with a few others):

Baccus 6mm Napoleonics to the right; random 28mm figures (LotR goblins; some free Partizan stuff) to the right

The first few units of US infantry completed (2 Bns in Blue, 4 Bns in Grey for Winfield Scott's Brigade) and some accompanying skirmishers; plus another base of British infantry and some skirmishers.
The aim is for all the figures that I can usefully use to be usefully used...there will be a few strips left over, but hardly anything.  Death to Lead Mountains!  Apart from this, there are a few WW2 figures to finish off (some 6mm, some 15mm) but that is pretty much it.  But hopefully enough Scots' Covenanter Infantry will arrive soon to keep me busy, with the intention being to try and finish off those just as Baccus 6mm releases the accompanying Horse, lancers and artillery. 

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