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Friday, 6 June 2014

New Roads, Courtesy of Miniature Wargames

Whilst I'm still deciding what to do with my Napoleonic campaign, given my new problems with space (and a bit of a disaster when a small child got hold of the campaign map), I've had a game or two of Polemos SPQR and got on with a spot of terrain making and painting.  I'd never been particularly happy with the roads I'd made and when an article appeared in Miniature Wargames 374 which demonstrated a way to make some good-looking, cheap, flexible roads in very little time, I was immediately interested.

Roman Cavalry on the dirt road face some skirmishers in the rough ground, whilst the main force of Britons waits on the hill opposite.

A Roman Legion looks across the stream towards the Britons blocking the road on the hill to their front.

A closer look at the road section.  The road follows the curve of the mat really well.
Sorry for the particularly poor shots, but hopefully it gives the idea that the roads at least look nice!  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out - well done Miniature Wargames and thanks.

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