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Monday, 30 September 2013

The State of the Imperial Armies in the Iberian Peninsular at the Beginning of August 1808

Abbreviations: T/L = Trained/Line (same thing), V = Veteran, R = Raw, E = Elite, Sz = Swiss, It = Italian, Np = Neapolitan, SpSz = Spanish Swiss, Ge = German, Leg = Legion of the Vistula, Pol = Polish, D = Dragoon, LCav = Light Cavalry, Cu = Cuirassier, A = Reserve Artilery, Gd = Imperial Guard, RG = Royal Guard (i.e. Joseph's Guards)

A strength of '1' = 1000 troops or 18 guns.  All divisional HQs have an inherent 6-gun battery of appropriate type.

Location Unit Headquarters Leader Strengths Total
Lisboa VIII Corps Junot
Lisboa ID Delaborde VIII Corps 5T, 1SzT 6
Lisboa ID Travot VIII Corps 10T 10
Lisboa CD Kellermann VIII Corps 1DR, 1LCavR 2
Lisboa Art VIII VIII Corps 2A 2
n of Santarem ID Loison VIII Corps 3T 3
Almeida Garrison VIII Corps 1T
Elvas Garrison 2T
Miranda II Corps Bessieres
Miranda ID Dorsenne (Imperial Guard) II Corps 2GdV/E, 1GLCavV/E 3
Miranda Art II II Corps 2A 2
Miranda CD Lasalle II Corps 1LCavV 1
Santander ID Merle II Corps 2V, 1T, 5R 8
Santander Garrison 1R
Burgos Garrison 1Gd
Tudela Army of Spain Joseph
Miranda ID Mouton II Corps 3V, 9L, 1DV 13
Tudela ID Saligny (Royal Guard) Spain 3RGdT/E, 1RGCavT/E 4
San Sebastian Garrison 2R
Pamplona Garrison 2V
Zaragoza ID Verdier Spain 4LegV, 5R 9
Zaragoza ID Lefebvre-Desnouttes Spain 2V, 3T, 1PolCavV 6
Madrid ID Gobert X Corps 8R 8
e of Ocana ID Morlot III Corps 6R 6
e of Ocana CB Wathier III Corps 1C 1
s o f Cuenca CD Grouchy III Corps 1CuT, 2GLCavV/E 3
s o f Cuenca ID Frere III Corps 1L, 3R, 1SzT 5
s o f Cuenca III Corps Moncey
s o f Cuenca ID Musnier III Corps 1L, 4R, 1GeT, 1LCavT 7
s o f Cuenca Art III III Corps 2A 2
n of Baylen Garrison 1R
n of Baylen ID Barbou X Corps 5R, 1SpSzT 6
Figueras Garrison 1V
Olot VII Corps Duhesme
Olot ID Chabran VII Corps 4V, 2T, 1LCavT 7
Hostalrich ID Lechi VII Corps 1ItV, 2ItT, 1ItCavT 4
Barcelona Garrison 2NpR
Perpignan ID Reille VII Corps 3V, 1T, 1R, 1ItV, 1ItT 7
Bayonne ID Desolles 6V 6
Bayonne Garrison 10R

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