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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Peninsular War Campaign Set-Up

These are the starting strengths for the Imperial French forces at the beginning of the July 1808 turn in Tomb for an Empire .  Some of the values have been edited (slightly) by me, in some cases because I disagree with the authors, in some cases so that it fits in better with the rules used for the battles i.e. Polemos Napoleonics  An example of the first case is that there are a lot of 'Veteran' Spanish infantry: in my view this overstates the capabilities of the Borbon Army in absolute terms, but also because this is the same rating as given to Napoleon's veterans when they turn up as reinforcements.  An example of the second is that Tomb for an Empire just rates cavalry as 'Cavalry' whereas the Polemos rules use different types (Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Lancers, Light Cavalry etc.).

Infantry = V (Veteran), T (Trained), R (Raw/Recruit)
Cavalry = HC (Heavy Cavalry), D (Dragoons), LC (Light Cavalry)
Artillery = A (Reserve Artillery i.e. 8lb guns for the French, 9lb guns for the Anglo-Portuguese, 12lb guns for the Spanish)

1 point = 1000 men or 12 guns

LocationUnitHeadquarters Leader Strength Total

Lisbon VIII Corps Junot
Lisbon ID Delaborde VIII 6T 6
Lisbon ID Travot VIII 5T, 1R 6
Lisbon CD Kellermann VIII 1D/R, 1LC/R 2
Lisbon Artillery VIII VIII 2A 2
Setubal Garrison
Almeida ID Loison VIII 4T 4
Elvas Garrison
Burgos II Corps Bessieres
Burgos Imperial Guard II 3Gd, 1GdLC 4
Burgos Artillery II II 2A 2
Palencia CD Lasalle II 1LC/V 1
Santander ID Merle II 2T/7R 9
Miranda Garrison
1R 1
Vitoria Army of Spain Joseph
Vitoria ID Mouton Spain 12T, 1LC/V 13
Vitoria Royal Guard Spain 3RG, 1RGC 4
San Sebastian Garrison
2R 2
Pamplona Garrison
2T 2
Zaragoza ID Verdier Spain 4V, 6R 10
Zaragoza ID Lefebvre-Desnoettes Spain 2V, 3R, 1Lncr/V 6
Madrid ID Gobert X 8R 8
Madrid ID Morlot III 6R 6
Madrid CB Wathier III 1LC/R 1
Madrid CD Grouchy III 1D/R, 1GdC, 1GdLC 3
Cuenca ID Frere III 2T, 3R 5
west of Albacete III Corps Moncey
west of Albacete ID Musnier III 1T, 6R, 1LC/R 8
west of Albacete Artillery III III 2A 2
north of Andujar Garrison
1R 1
Andujar X Corps Dupont
Andujar ID Barbou X 1Gd, 1T, 4R, 1SpSw 7
Andujar ID Vedel X 1T, 4R, 1 SpSw 6
Andujar CD Fresia X 1HC/R, 1LC/R 2
Figueras Garrison
1T 1
Barcelona VII Corps Duhesme
Barcelona ID Chabran VII 6T, 1Cu/R 7
Barcelona ID Lechi (It) VII 1V, 2T, 2R, 1LC/T 6
Perpignan ID Reille VII 1V, 4T, 2R 7

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