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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Peninsular War Campaign Set-Up (part two)

And the starting strengths for the Spanish and the Anglo-Portuguese:

Gibraltar  Garrison  3V, 3T
Gibraltar IDSpencer  3V, 2T  5

Cadiz Garrison 6R, 1LC/R
Malaga Garrison 2R
Huelva Garrison 3R
Utrera Army of Andalucia Castanos
Utrera ID Venegas Army of Andalucia 5T, 1LC/T 6
Utrera ID Coupigny Army of Andalucia 6T 6
Utrera ID Jones Army of Andalucia 6T 6
Utrera ID La Pena Army of Andalucia 6T, 6R, 2HC/T 14
Seville Garrison 2T, 9R, 1LC/R 12
west of Granada ID Reding Army of Andalucia 3T, 8R 11
Granada Garrison 3T, 2HC/R 5
Badajoz ID Moretti Army of the Centre 2T, 1LC/T 3
Ciudad Rodrigo Garrison 1T
Benavente Army of the Centre Cuesta
Benavente ID Zayas Army of the Centre 6R, 1HC/T 7
Astorga Army of Galicia Blake
Astorga ID Maceda Army of Galicia 2T 2
Astorga ID Cagigal Army of Galicia 5T, 1R 6
Astorga ID Martinengo Army of Galicia 7T 7
Astorga ID Riquelme Army of Galicia 5T 5
Astorga ID Portago Army of Galicia 4T, 2R 6
Villafranca Garrison 4R 4
La Coruna Garrison 8R 8
Vigo Garrison 3R 3
Oviedo ID Acevedo Army of Galicia 9R 9
Gijon Garrison 2T 2
Cartagena Garrison 2T, 2R 4
Murcia Garrison 2R 2
Valencia Army of Valencia Cervellon
Valencia ID Adorno Army of Valencia 3T, 2R 5
Valencia ID Saint-March Army of Valencia 2T, 4R 6
Valencia ID Llamas Army of Valencia 4R, 1HC/R 5
Valencia ID Villalva Army of Valencia 6R 6
Zaragoza Army of Aragon Palafox
Zaragoza ID O'Neille Army of Aragon 2T, 7R 9
Tarragona Army of Catalonia Palacio
Tarragona ID Caldagues Army of Catalonia 5T, 2R 7
Rosas Garrison 2T 2
Gerona Garrison 3T 3

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