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Monday, 30 September 2013

The State of the Allied Armies in the Iberian Peninsular at the Beginning of August 1808

Abbreviations as for the French Army, with additionally Br = British, Pr = Portuguese

Location Unit Headquarters Leader Strengths Total
Cadiz Garrison 6R, 1C
Gibraltar Garrison 3BrV, 3BrT
Gibraltar ID Spencer 4BrV, 1BrT 5
Malaga Garrison 2R
Huelva Garrison 3R
Andujar Army of Andalusia Castanos
Andujar ID Venegas Army of Andalusia 1V, 4T, 1DT 6
Andujar ID Coupigny Army of Andalusia 6T 6
Andujar ID Jones Army of Andalusia 4T 4
Seville ID La Pena Army of Andalusia 6T 6
Andujar ID Espana Army of Andalusia 3T, 1LCavT, 1DT, 1A 6
Seville Garrison 4T, 9R, 1LCavR
Andujar ID Reding Army of Andalusia 5T, 1R 6
w of Granada Garrison 5R 5
Granada Garrison 3T, 1LCavR, 1LCavT
Badajoz ID Moretti Army of the Centre 3T, 1R,  1LCavR 5
Ciudad Rodrigo Garrison 1T
w of Almaraz Army of the Centre Cuesta
w of Almaraz ID Zayas Army of the Centre 6R, 1DT/E 7
Burgos Army of Galicia Blake
Burgos ID Maceda Army of Galicia 2T, 1LCavR 2
Burgos ID Cagigal Army of Galicia 1V, 2T(1sh), 1R 4
Burgos ID Martinengo Army of Galicia 3T 3
Burgos ID Riquelme Army of Galicia 4T 4
Burgos ID Portago Army of Galicia 6T 6
Palencia ID Trias Army of Galicia 3T, 1R 4
Villafranca Garrison 4R
Ponferrada ID Virues Army of Galicia 6R 6
La Coruna Garrison 2R
Vigo Garrison 3R
Leon ID Acevedo Army of Galicia 3T, 6R 9
Gijon Garrison 2R
Cartagena Garrison 3T, 1R
Murcia Garrison 2R
Albacete Army of Valencia Cervellon
Albacete ID Adorno Army of Valencia 3T, 2R, 1A 6
Albacete ID La Serna Army of Valencia 2T, 4R 6
Albacete ID Llamas Army of Valencia 2T, 6R, 1DR 9
Valencia ID Villalva Army of Valencia 2R 2
Zaragoza Army of Aragon Palafox
Zaragoza ID O'Neille Army of Aragon 3T, 7R 10
ne of Tarragona Army of Catalonia
ne of Tarragona ID Caldagues Army of Catalonia 5T, 1R 6
Tarragona Garrison 1R
Tortosa Garrison 6T
Rosas Garrison 3T
Gerona Garrison 3T
Santarem British Army Wellesley
Santarem Ferguson British Army 4BrV, 3BrT 7
Santarem Anstruther British Army 3BrV, 4BrT, 2PrR 9

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