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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Scottish Corridor Campaign Battle 02 - Probe at Bas de Mouen

Scenario Two: Probe at Bas de Mouen

Troops from the Liebstandarte Division attack from the right, British troops from the 3rd Monmouths advance from the left.

As the British player, I picked a Sherman to support the infantry platoon.  The Germans are an SS platoon with random reinforcement options.

The battlefield.  The Monmouths start at the top-left.  The British commander decided to use the building at the top-left as a base of fire whilst the advancing troops moved through the trees beneath the road.

British infantry advancing...

The firebase (the buildings are occupied), with a Sherman supporting

British troops advance but run into trouble: German infantry engage, whilst a Tiger advances through the trees to support

The British suffer a few casualties but are able to take out the tank with a PIAT.

German infantry take cover at the edge of the wheatfield; the battlefield looks empty apart from the smoke from the destroyed tank

Same position, different angle.  German infantry have occupied the building in the top-left quarter of the shot.  The Sherman has advanced to provide supporting fire.

German infantry advancing through the woods destroy the Sherman with a Panzerfaust

German infantry see the shapes of tommies in the woods; the British infantry have cleared the German infantry out of it

The German infantry could not be persuaded to advance again, so the battle peters out...

German losses: 14 infantry, 1 Tiger tank
British losses: 8 infantry, 1 Sherman tank

Game Notes:
Quite hard fought this one and it took longer than the photos suggest, as both sides (realistically) moved slowly as many of their elements were suppressed. Tanks once again proved vulnerable to hand-held anti-tank weapons on both sides.  Again, the ability of the played side (the British) to mass fire over the randomly generated Germans proved decisive in achieving first fire, and then manoeuvre, superiority.
The game took just over an hour to complete, played on a 3'x2' board.  The buildings are from Total Battle Miniatures and the figures are a mixture of GHQ and Adler.  The vehicles are GHQ, the artillery from Heroics and Ros.  Rules as ever are the WRG 1925-1950 set, used with the "Threat Generation" solo rules in MW373.

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