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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Battlegames Campaign - Update

I have been doing a couple of other things this week, but looking to resume action in the campaign over the next day or two.  Hopefully however I have found a way that is a little better to display the current campaign situation:

ASAT: 8th May 1809
After the 2nd Battle of Martinstadt, the French army has retreated whilst the Austrian Army recovers around the capital city.  Both sides may suffer from attrition as a result of being too bunched up.

French Army:
1: 3 Div, Lt Cav Div
2: Gd Div, Arty Res, Siege Train
3: 1 Div, Gd Cav Bde, Drag Div
4: 2 Div
5: Garrison

Austrian Army:
1: Gren Div, Res Div, Siege Train
2: RearGd Div
3: 1 Div, 2 Div, 3 Div, Dragoon Div, Res Cav Bde
4: Garrison
5: Lt Cav Bde

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