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Friday, 19 August 2016

Dragon Rampant - First Taste

I had a first play through Dan Mersey's Dragon Rampant fantasy rules today.

This was only a walkthrough to figure out the mechanics, but it seemed lots of fun and very smooth in play.  It seemed to combine a bit of the Warmaster/Black Powder unit activation mechanic with a Neil Thomas-esque combat mechanic with DBA smoothness.  I think that my kids will be able to handle the game, with a little help.  I'm looking forward to exploring this ruleset a bit more.

A small set-up on a 3'x2' table.  Perry Late Medieval Men-at-Arms, GW Elves, Heroquest Foot Men-at-Arms (from the Wizards of Morcar supplement), Heroquest Orcs and Chaos Warriors, Westwind Nordvolk and various female adventurers from Bad Squiddo. This might be the impetus I need to improve a couple of the paint jobs and make the basing consistent.

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