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Friday, 4 October 2013

Peninsular Campaign Summary - July 1808


Castanos slow advance from Utrera towards Andujar lulled Dupont into a false sense of security that there was enough time for Dupont to collect all his detachments together whilst he collected supplies around Andujar.  A series of rapid Spanish movements led to Reding's Division seizing Baylen whilst the main body of the Army approached Andujar directly.  As the Spanish converged on Dupont's position, he tried to cut through Reding's forces but failed and was forced to surrender.  Barbou's Division of Dupont's Corps remains in the passes above Andujar, whilst Gobert's Division has remained in Madrid.

Leon and Castile:

Cuesta and his small Army of the Centre have moved Southwards towards Badajoz, , reaching the Tagus, whilst Blake has advanced Eastwards taking Palencia, blockading Burgos and bringing Bessieres to battle around Miranda before Bessieres could gather his full strength.  However, Bessieres led II Corps to victory over Blake's Army of Galicia and Blake has fallen back on Burgos.


Joseph has concentrated on progressing the siege of Zaragoza, and progress is being made, if slowly.


The presence of Spanish garrisons in Gerona and Rosas, in addition to the feints of Palacio's forces has stopped Duhesme's Corps from achieving much other than moving Chabran's Division northwards.


Moncey has moved slowly, as he gathers in Frere's Division from Cuenca and awaits reinforcements from his divisions in Madrid before making a concentrated attack towards Valencia.  However, the news of Dupont's debacle in the South means that Moncey's troops will be needed for the defence of Madrid from Castanos soon and it will be a miracle if he takes Valencia before this.  Cervellon has marched his army westwards to try and bring Moncey to battle before he is reinforced.


Travot has gathered in the garrison of Setubal and Loison is marching south from Almeida so Junot has his full strength in hand.  However, this concentration was not quite complete at the close of the month as Loison was still just south of Coimbra.

Game Notes: The campaign has pretty much followed its historical course to this point.

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