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Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Armies(part1)

Having sworn to myself that I wouldn't buy more than a couple of armies with allies for any given period, I broke that promise entirely and got myself two new Napoleonic Armies at Partizan: a Netherlands Army and a Russian Army.  I've started painting up the Dutch-Belgians and have made some relatively speedy progress - eight infantry battalions and two cavalry regiments done so far.  I've really been enjoying using the new grey-undercoat with black wash that Dr Mike taught me there - for some reason I find painting over grey raised areas much more enjoyable than over black!  I don't think the end results are much better yet, but I'm hopeful that I am getting better as I get more used to it.

I've tried a different basing method too: instead of a single 60mm x 30mm base, I've tried using a 30mmx15mm base with two 15mmx15mm bases for the infantry.  It looks okay, but I'm not totally convinced yet, especially as I don't know if I'll really use the extra flexibility that this basing system would give me.

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